FarmsGate is a community based, innovative agri-startup that acts as an online marketplace for both farmers and consumers. It originated from a strong and passionate vision of connecting farmers and consumers globally on a single digital platform.

This platform will ensure the availability of high-quality vegetables and farm produce for consumers, while helping to regularise and improve farm income. Our team of highly enthusiastic, experienced IT and agriculture engineers have merged our expertise and knowledge, to create a platform that allows everyone to enjoy all that farms have to offer, from farm produce to farm experiences and stays. 

As the name FarmsGate implies, we are opening the gate for consumers to access the millions of farms across the globe, and for farmers to cut out the middleman and reach customers directly at the same time as optimising their incomes. Our fundamental motive is the happiness and satisfaction of all our partners.

Nowadays it seems that everyone is worried about the time, space and expertise required to own or manage a farm. We miss the natural taste, nutrition and freshness of the kind of vegetables we used to have in our childhoods. That’s why at FarmsGate, we open the gate for our users to access their farms and pre-order and purchase the freshest harvests.  

Through FarmsGate, consumers can enjoy locally grown farm vegetables that are fresher, tastier, more nutritious and healthier than those found on supermarket shelves. FarmsGate also gives consumers the option to visit the farms and meet the farmers. Our IoT enabled system will monitor the farm and provide real time data, 24/7. For all of these reasons, we are confident that our model helps both farmers and consumers in a big way. 

Let’s farm together!

  • To become the exclusive online marketplace leader in farm produce  and farm services
  • To make farms and their produce globally accessible for all
  • To bring back trust and confidence in consuming fresh produce
  • To connect farmers directly with their consumers, enabling better prices for their products
  • To promote farming at the same time as creating more business  and employment opportunities for our youth

To become a leading global digital platform connecting farmers with consumers


To enhance farmer’s profitability and provide quality produce to consumers

  • Quality: We always strive to provide the highest quality
  • Transparency: We are open and honest about everything we do
  • Collaboration: We are committed to leveraging collective genius
  • Customization: We believe in freedom of choice
  • Convenience: We streamline processes for ease of purchase
Why FarmsGate
  • There are no middlemen: consumers deal directly with farmers
  • Easy access to farms around the globe
  • You can pre-order using our harvest calendar: this exclusive FarmsGate feature allows users to know the harvest date and pre-order farm produce, thus ensuring its availability.
  • No storage, no preservatives: farm produce is directly delivered from the farm, not  the warehouse
  • We offer fresher, tastier healthier farm produce than supermarket shelves
  • We offer transparency and live farm data though- IoT and AI
  • Farm visits: Consumers can get to know their farms and farmers
  • Listing on FarmsGate is FREE
  • Farmers can sell produce before the harvest date using the harvest calendar
  • Farmers have full control over the pricing, stock and delivery of their produce
  • FarmsGate promotes sustainable buying habits and helps the local economy
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